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Thor's hammer and Odin's spear

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been trading Forex and CFDs for the last 7 years. On my journey to becoming a fairly successful trader, I have had my share of bad days and good days. I have been badly beaten, bloodied and bruised. Not just once, but several times. Each time, I have licked my woulds and bounced back. And I know a thing or two about how the market works.

I do not claim to have a Master’s degree in economics or finance from a well known university. But that really is not important. I am a pure science and computer science graduate. You may have a Ph.D. or a high school education. It really doesn’t make any difference. If you are smart enough, motivated and do not mind taking risks on a daily basis, then you are good to go.

Over the years, I have tried hundreds of techniques (and lost a lot of money in the process) before finally coming up with this simple price-action based strategy  that works over 70 percent of the time. To keep things interesting, I have named it “Thor’s Hammer and Odin’s Spear“. I guarantee you that if you follow my signals, you will soon recover your losses and be on your way to making profits.

Unlike most professional Forex signal providers, I am an active trader with accounts with five Forex brokers (only one of which has the big money; the rest are for testing various strategies). And, no, I am not a millionaire and I am not likely to be one. That’s because I risk a very small percentage of my equity and so my gains are also small, but enough to pay my bills and not work for other people.

To be successful in Forex, you have to manage your money intelligently. One mistake most retail traders make is that they often bite more than you can chew (like risking 50 or more percent of your money) soon find themselves staring at $0 balance. You must not risk more than 10 percent on any trade because nothing in guaranteed in Forex. Please keep this in mind.

To be honest, I started this blog as an affiliate marketing site. So I have a vested interest in providing signals. I signals I provide are of the trades that I do. Not all of them are winners. Losses are inevitable in Forex. But more of them are winners than losers.

If you find my signals profitable and would like me to keep up the good work, then please support my efforts by opening a real account with XM, AvaTrade, Tickmill, RoboForex or JustForex using the given affiliate links.

I wish you all the best.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael L.


4 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi, interesting signals here. Same with your story, i just lost $5000 in last 6 years (that’s a lot of money for me) and still not found what i’m looking for. Most signal i have followed has big profit but also big loss. So basically, i can’t enjoy my profit because tomorrow i will suffer big loss. I hope your signal can make profit consistenly. I write this on Saturday, 10 Jun. So, see you on Monday 🙂


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