How To Make Money in Forex with Zero Dollar Investment

The general rule of money is that you need money to make money. But no rule is without exceptions and there are exceptions to this rule. In Forex trading, there is a way to make money with zero dollar investment. Yes, you’ve read it right. You can make money in Forex without spending a single dollar in the following two ways:

1. Trade with No Deposit Bonus

A “No Deposit Bonus” (also called trading bonus) is the free money Forex brokers give to newly registered traders as an incentive to start trading. The amount can range from $15 to $500. With that money, you can start trading immediately. Any profit you can make is yours to take. But there is a catch. You will be required to trade a certain number of lots within a given time period and, importantly, deposit a specified amount of money before you can claim your profit.

There is, however, one Forex broker than doesn’t have the second condition. While they do require you to trade a certain number of lots (there is no fixed time period), you will not be required to deposit any money of your own to claim your profit. Whatever profit you can make is yours to take. That Forex broker is XM. When you register with XM, you will receive a $30 trading bonus.

You can use this money to trade micro-contracts. One micro-contract is 0.01 of a full contract. If you are a good trader, you can easily turn this $30 into $100 or more in a month or two. Let’s say your target is $500. Trade very carefully. Take only positions you are very sure of. Do not risk more than 10 percent of your capital. Once you have turned it into $280, withdraw $250 out of it, which is your profit.

Deposit this amount back into your XM trading account. You will receive a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. You will now have your $500 made from zero dollar investment. Many successful traders started with $500 or even less and made thousands of dollars of profit. You too can do it if you are a good trader and trade carefully. With hard work and dedication, there is nothing that can’t be done.

One small suggestion here. Do not wait until your profit is very big. You may find it difficult to withdraw large amounts of profit made from free money. XM is a good and reliable broker. Even then, it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side when money is involved.

As far as I know, XM is the only broker that doesn’t require you to deposit any money before you can claim your profit on the $30 no deposit bonus. For your information, XM is a UK-based Forex broker regulated by FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia) and CySec (Cyprus). It was recently awarded the Best FX Service Provider for the Year 2017 by the City of London Wealth Management Awards.

So, click here to open a real account with XM, get your $30 no deposit bonus, and be on your way to making money without investing a single dollar of your own. You can do it if you really want to do it.

2. Become an Introducing Broker


Another way to make money from Forex with zero dollar investment is to become an Introducing Broker (IB) or partner. It costs nothing to sign up and, if you can introduce a few clients, it will become a long term source of passive income. Once your client signs up as a trader, you will receive a commission every time he or she trades. So, click here to sign up an XM partner and start your journey to financial freedom.